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Product code: DS1121-161-Natural

This lovely and sexy classic doll comes with following amazing features:

  • Equipped with high-end finest SILICONE head with fantastic body made from high grade of body-safe realistic-feel TPE.

  • Patented plug-in head with perfect design on natural posture skeleton and joints.

  • Charm head and body, ultra-soft real touch skin, extremely lifelike.

  • Innovative ergonomic design, high performance.

  • Triple excitement: 3 canals available for mouth, vagina and anal for penetrations and varied pleasure.

  • Realistic body with nimble joints for easy to be postured and positioned for optimum access and exposure.

  • Realistic detailing for all-over authenticity.

  • Easy to be dressed up, and easy to clean and to keep in top condition.

  • Lifelike planted hair is available for the silicone head.


You can custom build to bring your fantasies to life via clicking the Re-customization below, to select your preferred body type, skin color, eye color, hair style or color (including lifelike planted hair), vagina type, feet type, and other make-up.

  • Skin colors available: Natural, Wheat, Brown, Black, Tan, Fair, and other custom colors.

  • Eye options available: Blue, Brow, Green.

Description & Technical Data
Item Description
Product code DS1121-161-Natural
Design Classic
Height 63in/161cm
Material Silicone + TPE
Plug-in or Screw-in Metal skeleton & joints
Weight 79lb/36kg
Hair Style Same as picture
Vagina Type Fixed
Pubic Hair Shaved
Fingernail No.1
Toenail No.1
Foot Type Stand Up Feet
Packing Carton
Item Description
Size Bust 32in/81cm
Waist 18in/45cm
Hip 35in/88cm
Vaginal Depth 6in/16cm
Anus Depth 6in/14cm
Mouth Depth 5in/12cm
Breast Size Large Breast
Shoe Size n/a
Clothing Size n/a
Color Skin Color Natural
Eye Color Brown
Lip Color Red
Nipple Color Pink
Promotion Price: US$1299.00 Market Price: US$1850.00 Promotion

Eye Color

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Foot Type

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